Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening

Of course, by "woods" I mean dog park. Oh boy, these Huskies love the snow!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Pet Ownership

We are pet people, completely and unapologetically. To me, a house without a pet isn't much of a home. We suffered through one sad year in a no-pets-allowed apartment, and the SECOND we moved we got a dog, then a rabbit, then a foster dog.

We couldn't be happier, but oh my goodness they do add a lot to your life. They bring mostly joy, with a few small negatives. Exhibit A: My coworker has officially sworn off dog ownership after hearing another coworker and I exchange guess-what-my-dog-puked-on stories daily for several weeks. I don't get that decision at all.

Ok, that's not true. I understand a little when I come home to this:
Harley went outside, dug a hole in the mud, then spread that mud all. over. the. house. COOL!

We also get the occasional sibling spat.
Lilly REALLY wants that bone!

But adorableness like this makes up for dirt and slime:

Henry posed like that himself! He's such a great model.
Here's a snapshot if the video won't play for you:

We love our little ones!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This is Late, but I'm Still Thankful

I bet you're wondering what happened to Thanksgiving. Did I even have one? Did I take pictures?? Well of COURSE I did!

And, guess what?? I hosted this Thanksgiving! It was my first hosting experience ever. I studied Martha Stewart extensively in the weeks before the 28th.

Here's how it turned out:
This was our special breakfast. I made creme brulee oatmeal and mimosas. The creme brulee oatmeal didn't turn out AS awesome as I hoped, but it was still yummy!
No one ever wants me to take their picture. Do other bloggers have this problem?
I mean, seriously.

But anyway, we had THE most amazing appetizers, complements of my friend Audrey.
Then I put everyone to work! I don't allow slacking at my thanksgivings!!
Martha helped me a lot with my place settings. Here's what we ended up with:
I ordered orchids and rose hips from a local florist to add into this center piece. Here's a closeup:
Oh man, that wore us out! Even Harley-the-foster-dog looks beat!
Sweet dreams, Harley!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Lot Like Christmas

Is it Christmas where you are? It is here! T and I picked out our tree this weekend.
Tyler posed with our tree.
Here's our tree decorating fuel!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Isn't Just Fun For Humans

Tyler and I aren't the only members of our family enjoying the season. Henry's also a pretty big fan.

Welcome, Fall!

Tyler and I are TOTALLY stoked for fall! We spent last weekend doing pretty much every fall activity imaginable. First, since we're in Lexington and embracing it, we went to Keenland.
These people really love horses!
They also really love parasols.
This is how you make bets. It seems complicated.
But it's also very exciting!
Keenland was not enough fall for our weekend. Oh no, not by a long shot! We also went to a u-pick farm to pick out pumpkins. This place had me at "petting zoo!"
This goat is so over the petting zoo.

There were lots of fabulous pumpkins, of course.
But there were also tons of squash...
and apples...
and adorable babies!
I'll take one of each, please.