Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Isn't Just Fun For Humans

Tyler and I aren't the only members of our family enjoying the season. Henry's also a pretty big fan.

Welcome, Fall!

Tyler and I are TOTALLY stoked for fall! We spent last weekend doing pretty much every fall activity imaginable. First, since we're in Lexington and embracing it, we went to Keenland.
These people really love horses!
They also really love parasols.
This is how you make bets. It seems complicated.
But it's also very exciting!
Keenland was not enough fall for our weekend. Oh no, not by a long shot! We also went to a u-pick farm to pick out pumpkins. This place had me at "petting zoo!"
This goat is so over the petting zoo.

There were lots of fabulous pumpkins, of course.
But there were also tons of squash...
and apples...
and adorable babies!
I'll take one of each, please.