Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Things I Would Like

This Dress

I just LOVE this dress. I picture myself casually arranging flowers in it, just like the model. In my fantasy I've also grown long, wavy hair. I may have spent too much time staring at the picture.

These Books
Second only to my obsession with the dress is my obsession with the Clothbound Penguin Classics. I want every single book, but I'm especially excited about Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, and Alice in Wonderland. If they ever come out with Les Miserables, I might faint.

The Scene
In a perfect world, I'd be wearing the Anthropologie dress while reading a Clothbound Penguin Classic, preferably in a meadow on a sunny afternoon.

I'd use this bike to get there.

We'd also have world peace.

The dress is from Anthropologie, the books are Clothbound Penguin Classics and can be found for $13 each on Amazon, and the bike is a beach cruiser from XYZ Beach Cruisers.

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