Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Neutrals for Babies

Jordan Ferney turned me on to the idea of
wrapping babies in mounds of neutrals. I think she's really on to something! Babies are so beautiful on their own. Do they really need to be surrounded by bright colors and distracting patterns? No!
I don't have children of my own, so for now I can focus all my attention on my perfect, perfect nieces. Here are some recent finds I'd love to buy for them, and my own babies someday.

This dress would be adorable on my baby niece. It's so perfect for a baby girl. The bubble skirt and little dots are feminine without being overpowering on a tiny body. It will also show off her chubby arms, which I just love!

These poms have been a favorite of mine since I was researching wedding decorations. Wouldn't they be just perfect for a nursery? They're so soft and playful! And, at $5 a pop, you can add tons of personality to a room without blowing your sun dress shopping budget for the month! I'd pepper my entire house with them if my husband didn't think they were too girly.

I love little girls in tutus! My nieces already have plenty of their own, so I'll just look forward to dressing my own daughters this sweet white version someday.

Finally, I already can't wait to dress my babies in cloth diapers that are safer for them, better for the environment, and so much more cuddly. Technology has come a long way since I was in diapers and safety pins are no longer necessary. Still, I love the look of the old fashioned diaper in this picture, and I'm sure I'll be a little tempted to buy it for my babies.

Good evening, and for all of you who have babies of your own, I'm insanely jealous. Be sure to dress them in lots of neutrals for me.

The first photo is from Knit, Shear Bliss!, the second is from Etsy, the third is from Etsy, the fourth is from Etsy, and the fifth is from Etsy. Obviously I'm a big fan of Etsy.

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