Saturday, September 18, 2010

An EmersonMade Kind of Day

Let's pretend for a moment that I have all the money in the world. (Let's also pretend that world hunger has already been solved, so I don't have to feel guilty about spending it on myself.)

I think I would spend at least one day dressing myself head to toe in EmersonMade. Here's what I'd wear:

1. This professional yet feminine suit dress
2. Of course, like darling Emerson in the above picture, I'll need a belt so I can fake her tiny waist. How about this one?
3. But wait! What if I'm NOT working that day and I need something more casual? Well, luckily I'll have this skirt, too.
I knew this skirt was meant to be when I saw the wellies and chickens in the picture. Sign me up for THAT!

4. Oh no, we have another problem! I can't go into court in that sleaveless shift dress! The scandal! I guess I'm going to need this adorable jacket!
5. I can't exactly go to court (or anywhere, for that matter) without shoes! These are perfect, versatile and hilariously styled in this picture. Love the tiny conversing deer!
6. Now I'm going to need something to carry my files (or farmer's market vegetables as the case may be). This clutch totally won't work, but it will look really cute with my dress/skirt.
7. Now I'll probably need a flower, in case my head or my dress or my clutch gets too plain.
And there you have it. My fantasy day in EmersonMade. It's good to have dreams!

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  1. oh I agree! I would be alllll decked out in EM if I could be! Such adorable stuff. Love it! Glad to know about your blog now!

  2. Ooooooh I love love love this. I've never heard of EmersonMade....but i'm about to google. Ahhhhh so excited!